Friday, June 12, 2015

The Great Brain series by John D. Fitzerald

Reviewed by Ian, age 10

I thought it was an entertaining book full of crazy deals that only Tom could pull off.

Genre: Memoir/autobiography

Setting: rural Southern Utah, early 1900s

Introduction: J.D.'s brother, Tom, can swindle a man of anything. when a new teacher beats Tom for no reason, everyone knows he will regret it... Stories here from John D. Fitzgerald's childhood with a large family. Tom charges all the kids in town to come see their new flushing toilet and finds other ways to live up to his nickname, The Great Brain.

Themes: Kid power, family, smart is good, country life

Recommended Age: 9-13

Full Disclosure: Nothing objectionable

Rating: 5 stars

Other Books: More Adventures of the Great Brain, Me and My Little Brain, The Great Brain at the Academy, The Great Brain Reforms, The Return of the Great Brain, The Great Brain Does It Again, The Great Brain is Back.          

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