Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Reviewed by: Kimball, age 15

Christopher Paolini wrote this book when he was my age. Now, I can claim to have written two (unpublished) manuscripts before turning 15, but Eragon is close to 600 pages (my manuscripts are about 100 pages each) and way better than anything I could write. He's a fantastic fantasy writer. I loved this book.

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: Alagaesia, medieval period


When courier elf Arya is ambushed in the forest, she teleports her precious cargo a safe distance away. It is found by a farmboy named Eragon while he is hunting. At first believing it to be a large precious stone, he is surprised when the "stone" hatches and a dragon emerges. Eragon raises the baby dragon as best he can and forges a telepathic link with it. However, the dragon is growing fast and gets harder to hide, until Saphira (the dragon) carries him off and his house is attacked by mysterious creatures called the Raz'ac and burned, killing his uncle and destroying the farm. With the help of old storyteller and dragon expert Brom, Eragon sets out on a quest to find the creatures and avenge his uncle and gets caught up in a full-scale rebellion against their tyrannical king, who happens to be one of the last Riders and one of the most evil men in Alagaesia.

Themes: Power is within oneself, never underestimate your elders, bear your name well

Recommended Age: 11 and up

Full Disclosure:

This book has some unintuitive pronunciations, be sure to check the guide.

Rating: 4 stars

Other Books:  Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance

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  1. I really enjoyed this first book but found the others to be a bit repetitive and wordy. Wonderful imagination and easy to visualize with his descriptions.