Monday, February 22, 2016

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Reviewed by: Ian, age 11

It moves slowly, but speeds at times. The end is nice makes you feel that Buck and John have a special bond. Buck gets in a dramatic fight with Spitz the "Devil Dog" of the team.

John is my favorite character because he has faith in Buck to help him. John helps Buck back to strength and Buck helps him out of countless problems. 

Genre: Fiction 

Setting: Alaska, Arctic circle  

Introduction: Buck has a lovely house, owner, and food. But one day he gets taken away and sold to be a sled dog... 

Themes: Eat or be eaten, Loyalty, Standing for what is right, and Strength in the hardest of times. 

Recommended Age: 11 and up

Full Disclosure: Sometimes a bit savage. "Dogs eats Dogs".

Rating: 4 stars

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