Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nora's Picks of the Week

Two year old Nora can (almost) always be convinced to cooperate if we offer to read a book. Here are her favorites this week:

This one is a library book and new to us. It's a cute story from an illustrator we love.

We have had Moo Moo, Brown Cow for years and it continues to be a favorite of my littles.

Looking for new shoes to wear to a party, the girls try on every pair in the store before deciding that they'll just glam up the shoes they already have. Fun rhythm and rhyme and lots of shoes to look at. 

Christian themed author Max Lucado's books are uber-popular. This one teaches that our value comes because we are God's children and creations, not based on what others think of us. I may not be popular for saying so, but I feel like his books are a bit heavy-handed for my taste in terms of driving their point home. However, they are points that I want my kids to internalize and perhaps heavy-handed isn't a bad thing in these situations. So when Nora picks this one, I sigh a little because I am very tired of it, but I read it anyway because I want her to know her individual worth and divine nature.

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