Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Margaret's Corner

Margaret is our sunshiny nearly 6 year old. She just finished kindergarten and loves books. We try to find books that are well-written but still at her reading level. Here are a couple she has been reading this week:

We love Poppleton for his silly but relatable ways. There are several Poppleton books out there that we have and enjoy reading. 

We recently discovered Iris and Walter and are having fun discovering what they like.

Margaret's pick this week for a read aloud? Anything from Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle!

I loved them as a little girl, and I love them as a mom, too, as it gives me a chance to talk to my kids about the bad manners and bad habits that children often pick up and need to break. This week, we've read The Slow-Eater-Tiny-Bite-Taker Cure, the Crybaby Cure, and the Bad Table Manners Cure. 

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