Monday, June 8, 2015

Poirot Loses A Client, or Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie

Reviewed by Kimball, age 15

This book was a good read. There are mystery books where it turns out to be the one you least expect, and then there was this book, where you suspected everybody and didn't know what to think. It was not exactly surprising, but if you're the type who tries to work out the mystery as you read, you will have a good challenge ahead of you.

Genre: Mystery

Setting: England, 1920s


This book is about a woman who writes to a detective named Hercule Poirot, worried that she might be murdered. When Poirot gets the letter too late, he investigates anyway.
It is purported that the woman died naturally after battling liver failure. Previously she had tripped over the dog's ball and almost died, but the witnesses believed that was accidental and not deliberate. The woman was very wealthy and strange changes in the will lead Poirot to believe someone had motives to set up both cases deliberately, and that she changed it to keep her relatives from gaining any advantage from her death. Interviewing all possible suspects, Poirot and his narrative assistant Hastings discover the truth behind what seemed to be two unrelated accidents.

Themes: It's never too late for justice, don't be greedy, don't spoil your kids, don't be prejudiced against foreigners

Recommended Age: 13 and up

Rating: 4 stars

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