Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nora's Picks of the Week

What's the 2 year old requesting lately? Here's what she's had on the docket all week:

If you haven't read this one yet, it is rather delightful. The poor little llama gets stuck running errands with his mama and hits his limit. Mama Llama keeps her cool and helps him see that shopping is a necessary evil sometimes. They work together to clean up the mess he has made, finish their shopping, and go get a treat together. We love the rhythm and rhyming in the book, and every 2 year old loves to read about a tantrum!

We have several of the BabyLit books because I just can't resist classic literature. I do wish that the books had more quotes from the original classics, but these introduce characters and are just fun.

We love all things Rosemary Wells around here-- in fact, Nora's name was nearly Rosemary! This one is a library book that we hadn't read before, but it is getting lots of mileage at the moment. 

Barefoot Books has some delightful offerings, including this one, which has been loved at our house since Henry was the baby. Nora loves to recite along with us, and to laugh at the naughty, out-of-place animals.

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  1. Love the baby lot, we have a lot of them. I want to get the others as soon as Ruby will hold still long enough to let me read to her.